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Tire Safety Video

February 29th, 2012 (2 Comments)

Getting 2 new tires instead of 4? Be sure to watch this video for important safety information:

Reader Comments (2)

Marilyn said on April 9, 2012

They should be on the same axle!!!! Your onvrridieg concern should be to put both of them on the same axle, whether front or rear. As to whether they should be front or rear, there is a lot of common wisdom about this, but it is mostly unjustified. If your older tires will be good for a while, put the new ones on the axle that wears the tires the fastest front for a front-wheel driven car, rear for a rear-driver. Forget about "improving steering" or anything else; if your old tires are so worn out that they are prone to losing traction in water, for instance, they should have been replaced in the first place.

Keith - Tirecraft Auto & Exhaust said on April 10, 2012

Hi Marilyn, Thanks for your comment! This article is to show others that you should always put the new tires on the rear. This is important in order to avoid over steering the vehicle and potentially getting into a collision. Older tires could be 50% worn and still be a good tire - but because new tires grip better (because there is more tread on them) they can cause the driver to get into a maneuver where they over steer the vehicle. If you put two new tires on the front of the vehicle (pertaining to a front wheel drive vehicle) you will drive the vehicle accordingly to those tires.

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