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Winter Tires Part III

December 6th, 2012

You may have noticed how much we've been talking about winter tires lately, and with the amount of snow we've received here in Edmonton recently who can blame us? 

At the risk of sounding repetitive we've got more information to back up our claim - if you live in Canada, you need winter tires.

While browsing through trade publications we found some reports full of facts and numbers that agree with us. 

According to this Autosphere article "A 2011 study by the Quebec government shows that winter road-accident injuries have dropped by 5% since winter tire use was made mandatory by law in 2008. Widespread use of winter tires is credited with preventing about 575 injuries per winter in the province." When you think about the number of people who live in Quebec (their population is more than double Alberta's) that 5% becomes a much more significant number. 

“All the evidence points to winter tires being the safest choice for driving in cold weather,” says Glenn Maidment, president of the Rubber Association of Canada. “Drivers should carefully consider whether winter tires are right for them and make an educated choice.”

Check out our two previous blog posts on winter tires for more information - or contact us if you've got more questions!

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